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Club New Opportunities


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On November 15, 2012, we held the first club meeting for people with disabilities at Fimiam Church.


New Opportunities, the name of this club, meets every two months.

God gives us thousands of different opportunities each day! There are opportunities to change oneself, to start something over, to express oneself, or maybe to discover a new talent in oneself. 

This club is a place to find new opportunities together, to discover and develop new abilities, to find new friends, and most importantly to build a closer relationship with God.


Every meeting is organized by a team of devoted ministers and volunteers who seek to make it festive and special. People share their memories, play interesting games, sing, enjoy delicious food, watch skits, and participate in discussions on topics relevant to our lives. All of this is left in the hearts of the people who come to these meetings, which is usually up to 50 people with disabilities.

 «This is a wonderful opportunity for us to give spiritual support to people outside our summer camps. It is great that we can involve and reach out more to people with disabilities during the whole year,» says Sergii Bolchook, the leader of the ministry for people with disabilities in Fimiam Church.