People with disabilities are often left alone with their disability and its’ related problems. They are often excluded from society and this promotes a range of psychological problems: fear, disillusionment, feelings of helplessness, depression, and apathy.

     Since 2005, we have been conducting meetings for people with disabilitiesto give them opportunities togather together, fellowship withone another, and hear God’s Word.

     There are also festivities for children with disabilities.

     We integrate people with disabilities into the home church groups so they can gather with the body of Christ, participate in the discussion of current issues and meet new friends. They also learn how to lead home church groups so that later they can teach others.

     We also organize Bible studies where people can grow in their knowledge of God. For some people with disabilities, it is extremely difficult to come to Sunday services, home church groups, or Bible studies. For these people we offer individual study programs.

     As we have the resources, we attempt to help with daily issues in the lives of people with disabilities, such as offering hygiene products and clothes. To promote independence in mobility, we also install external elevators to personal apartments.