We made another trip to the Kherson region, this time to villages situated on the dividing line of the fighting.

Elderly people, lonely people, people with disabilities, and families with children who do not want or are not able to evacuate to safer places are still living there. They live in constant danger, under frequent shelling, without electricity or water and in partially destroyed houses.

This trip to the Kherson region was the most risky of those the team from Agape Ukraine…

“I entered the house and a girl with cerebral palsy was sitting in the room. Because of her disability she could not talk.

Recovery International Retreat for soldiers and their families

“Safety is not found on the shore where there are no threats, but it is in knowing who is in the boat with you,” says Vasylina Motkalyk, the cheerful, charismatic emcee at the closing of the first Recovery International Retreat for soldiers and their families. The retreat began and ended with these words. And also many words of sincere gratitude were spoken by each person and for each guest and member of the team.

Kherson region

They visited three villages where they distributed 130 bags of food, 150 gifts for children, blankets, candles, hygiene products, medication, bedside commodes and walkers. They made personal visits to the homes of about ten adults and children with disabilities.

Both children and adults dream of miracles at Christmas and New Years.

The children who were under Russian occupation now rejoice over their liberation. And the team of the NGO “Agape Ukraine” tried to create a small miracle for them in the form of Christmas gifts.

Living Hope for Everyone” Retreats for Refugees in Europe

Throughout the spring, NGO Agape Ukraine managed to evacuate 12 groups of people to countries in Europe. Six hundred people with disabilities and their family members from various cities and regions of Ukraine settled in Germany.