Creativity Studio

Creativity Studio

    The Creativity Studio, which began in 2007, aims to develop the creative skills of people with disabilities while also teaching them spiritual truths.
The Creativity Studio regularly conducts:

• Master craft classes for 30 children with disabilities, who are assisted by our volunteers.

• Support groups for mothers of children with disabilities, where we have a Bible study and provide social and spiritual support for these mothers.

• Bible discussion groups for children and teenagers with disabilities where we provide social and spiritual training.

• Practical assistance for participants. The children learn how to help one another, how to respond to the needs of other people, and how to participate in each other’s lives. They send one another greetings on birthdays, other special days, or after an accomplishment.

     The Creativity Studio also has a shop that is open daily. It produces souvenirs, women’s jewelry, and handmade soap. Participants in the studio are invited by people in the community to be designers and decorators for special occasions. The money they earn is used to cover the expenses of the master craft classes of the Creativity Studio. They also participate in local fairs where they promote the products made by people with disabilities.
     The volunteers at the Creativity Studio dream of earning enough money for the independent functioning of the master classes and also providing work places for people with disabilities.