Physical Therapy Training Center

Physical Therapy Training Center

   Within the Agape Rehabilitation Complex is a Physical Therapy Training Center, which is designed to train potential physical therapists from all over Ukraine who have a desire to open new rehabilitation complexes in their cities. The training is led by experienced physical therapists and utilizes both theoretical and practical training.

    The Physical Therapy Training Center is designed for believers who have:

   1. The support of their local church pastors to use rehabilitation within the ministry for people with disabilities which the church has or is planning to develop. Applicants to the training center should a vision of using physical therapy as a part of this ministry for people with disabilities.    

   2. A plan, developed together with the leaders of the church, for how to use the physical therapy knowledge and skills gained through the training center.

    The training program includes four 2-week sessions that are conducted over the course of one year. Classes have a maximum of eight students and sessions include both lecture and practical training.  

     If you are interested in studying at our training center, please contact us via email at  and we will send you an application packet.