🍂During the cool autumn season, it is nice to remember the events of summer ☀️Fellowship with friends, vacations, serving together…

“FEARLESS” was the name of the retreat that took place August 20-24 at the beautiful Schönblick Guest Center in Germany for 30 families of people with disabilities.
Agape Ukraine and Joni and Friends joined with teams from Fimiam, Salvation and Springs of Life churches to conduct the retreat.

Most of the families that attended the retreat came from Ukraine. They had to overcome a long and difficult journey to get here. It was a great vacation for them amidst the war, grief and pain. In the loving Christian atmosphere, parents and their children could rest, restart themselves and return to Ukraine positively charged.

The daily schedule was busy and interesting. People still remember those great moments visiting the Stuttgart Zoo and walking in downtown Schväbisch Gmünd on Ukraine’s National Flag Day.
Everyone liked the talent show where each participant could demonstrate the skills and abilities with which God has abundantly blessed them.

The Agape Ukraine team is sincerely thankful to each person who assisted with this retreat.
We hope that by the grace of God it will not be our last retreat. We are praying for peace in Ukraine.

Feedback from people who attended the retreat:
“We are so thankful to God for such an excellent opportunity to rest at the Schönblick Guest Center in the beautiful town of Schväbisch-Gmünd.
We are also very thankful to all the individuals and organizers who made this wonderful rest as comfortable as possible for us.“
“We particularly liked the accessibility and the attitude of German people. People there take disabilities and people with disabilities differently and that is so encouraging.“