Kherson region

The team from NGOAgape Ukraine“ returned from another trip to cities in the Kherson region.

They visited three villages where they distributed 130 bags of food, 150 gifts for children, blankets, candles, hygiene products, medication, bedside commodes and walkers. They made personal visits to the homes of about ten adults and children with disabilities. Additionally, they delivered wound care supplies, pediatric food products, diapers and womens hygiene supplies to the Kherson Central Childrens Hospital. They also gave warm sleeping bags to our Ukrainian defenders.

Grygoriy Voloschyk, one of the organizers of these trips, briefly shared his impressions:

“When we plan a trip, we never know exactly where we will go, which places we will be able to visit. We planned to visit one particular village in the Kherson area this time, but the military warned us about the constant shelling of the village by tanks, so we went to other villages. Almost everything is ruined in the villages: private houses, schools, preschools, gas stations, stores. There is no electricity or water in the houses. People live in constant fear under the shelling. In one of the villages, we met an elderly woman whose house is completely ruined and she now lives in someone else’s half-ruined house. We gave her some supplies, hugged her, talked to her and blessed her. This elderly woman was thankful. In general, all of the people are thankful for the care, thankful that they are remembered and helped. As we were returning home, the city of Kherson began to be shelled again. We are thankful to God for His protection and care over all of our travels. We will definitely return to the Kherson region again to help the people.”

We are tremendously grateful to those who financially supported in different ways to make this trip to Kherson possible.

Among them are the employees of # Agape_Ukraine, Andriy Sobchuk (entrepreneur), Ksenia Volkova (family physician), Pavlo Myronyuk and the Transformation” charitable fund, Olga Rubel andThe Mennonite Center” charitable fund, Frank Sodermanns Automobile GmbH, Christians from the European Evangelical Alliance, Martina Koninger, Felix Schulte and Paul Dalgaard.

We are thankful to the Volyn Regional State Administration for resolving organizational issues.

If it is Gods will, the next trip will be at the end of March.