Kindness is gaining momentum

For the third time, Christians from Fimiam Evangelical Church and the Agape
Ukraine Rehabilitation Complex raised funds to purchase bags of food and bless
the families of people with disabilities. This year, on the eve of the celebration of
Jesus Christ’s birth, they distributed these delicious gifts to 200 families from
Lutsk, the Volyn region and other regions of Ukraine.

The first «Help Your Neighbor» drive was held in December 2020. It coincided with
the 15th anniversary of the ministry for people with disabilities at Fimiam Church.
The name was not chosen by chance. People with serious health problems often
do not receive adequate pension or social assistance to meet their daily needs
and are forced to deny themselves basic necessities. For this reason, these bags of
food can be a great help to them.

Last year, 100 families of children or adults with disabilities received bags of food.
This year, that number doubled.

“I am rejoicing, like a child, that we were able to do it. Truly, it is more blessed to
give than to receive,” says Natalia Bolchuk, one of the founders of Agape Ukraine.
“When we visited these families, they didn’t want to let us go. They were very
hungry for simple fellowship and attention. I hope that the bags of food will make
Christmas a little more festive for these families.”

This year’s «Help Your Neighbor» drive was financially supported by ordinary
Ukrainians from Fimiam Church, the Agape Ukraine Rehabilitation Complex, and
partners of the organization. Several families from abroad also participated. We
are extremely grateful to each one for their indifference to the needs of others.