Recently, staff from Agape Ukraine again visited villages in the frontline region of Kherson.

These villages are constantly under shelling and the houses have no electricity or water. The residents look forward to each visit from volunteers because it is thanks to them that they have a chance to survive under such hard circumstances.

They were given the most basic items, such as food, medication, cleaning supplies and flashlights. The children were given school supplies.

Igor Hodzinskiy shared the following story: “During the trip, we were especially impressed by one boy named Sashko who met us wearing his dad’s tactic gloves. His father is in the war now, but while he was at home he presented those gloves to his son. This boy wears the gloves day and night, waiting for his dad to return home.

🙏Would you please pray that Sashko’s father would return home alive?”

🤝We are sincerely thankful to our German friends and partners for supporting these trips to the Kherson region! Thank you also for your prayer support.