The 20th trip to the Kherson region was both physically and morally difficult

The 20th trip to the Kherson region was both physically and morally difficult.

Larisa, our local volunteer who helps with every trip was waiting for the staff of “Agape Ukraine“ near the checkpoint after the Ingulets River crossing. The war began on Larisa’s birthday. During the occupation, she and her husband delivered food and evacuated children and people with disabilities. Once, they very were close to death as they were nearly shot. When the Ukrainian army freed this region from occupation, they were among the first to meet our soldiers. Currently, she continues to help people and her heart particularly breaks for the elderly and people with disabilities. Larisa sincerely shared her thoughts: “I’ve come to value time more with every day. I hurry to help people. I started to pray more and to forgive more since the days are short. I understand these things as never before. God is near.”🙏🏼

This morning the village was attacked twice. It happens regularly which is why people are nervous.
People were already waiting for us at the crossroads. Word of mouth was spread quickly and people were even coming from the neighboring villages. There were mainly women, but there were also some men. An elderly woman in a wheelchair attracted our attention. It turned out that she was 95 years old. We gave her food and repaired her wheelchair. She was thankful and blessed us as we said goodbye. I believe her blessings will come true.

I especially feel compassion for the elderly people. We are often asked why they do not want to leave, why they do not get evacuated. And I want to ask you a question in return. Are you ready to take this old lady to your home? Where does she have to go? Who is waiting for her?

We gave out all the food, diapers, warm clothes and medication. We gave a generator one soldier’s parents who live in a mobile home.
On our way back, Grigoriy Voloshchuk, our brother, coworker and the person responsible for the trips to the Kherson region, received news of the death of his nephew, Timofiy. It is his second nephew that has died protecting our Motherland.

We want to dedicate this update in memory of Timofiy and all our defenders who gave their lives protecting Ukraine🇺🇦😞🙏🏼🕯️