💥Today, December 3, is International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

💥Today, December 3, is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On this day, we recall with joy the beginning of our work. It is not easy, but it is necessary, important and blessed by God.

The ministry to people with disabilities began 18 years ago at Fimiam Church and later expanded into the non-government organization “Agape Ukraine.”

For me personally, this ministry is a testimony to how the church can participate in changing each person’s life.
👩‍🦽I was severely injured in a car accident and difficulties entered my life which are unpleasant to recollect: depression, fear, lack of desire to continue living and a feeling of abandonment. I did not know what I should do.
God helped me by bringing me into the ministry of people with disabilities. Physical rehabilitation changed my body. I became stronger spiritually. I regained sense in life as well as forgiveness, peace and the feeling that I am loved and needed by others. Later, I was given the opportunity to work in logistics and also to serve in camps and participate in organizing various events for people with disabilities. After all, it is important to serve one another.
💓God has put love at the heart of this ministry. Every step along the way is possible due to the hands and hearts which are always ready to help in any situation.
🙏I am sincerely thankful to every person involved in this difficult and blessed field of ministry.
‼️I want to remind others of the importance of the church’s willingness to help people with disabilities. Let every community be an example of how love and care can change this world and the hearts of people, giving them the chance for a new beginning in life. 💙💛

💥 Yuliya Okunevich