Opening of the Agape Rehabilitation Complex

Opening of the Agape Rehabilitation Complex

Dreams Come True…

Ukraine’s first Agape Rehabilitation Complex for people with disabilities was opened in the Volyn region. The landmark event took place on June 25, 2016 in the village of Boratin in the Lutsk district. 

     Many guests from Ukraine and abroad were present for the opening of this facility. These guests were not indifferent to the problems of people with disabilities and they represented organizations, missions and families in Belgium, Norway, France, the United States, and Canada. Representatives from local authorities in attendance included Ihor Yarmolskyy, Head of the Lutsk State Administration; Irina Konstankevych, Deputy of the Volyn Regional Council and Deputy Chairman of the Charity Fund «Only Together»; Taras Yakovlev, First Deputy of Lutsk; Serhii Yaruchyk, mayor of the village of Boratin and others. 

     The celebration began with a ribbon cutting and group photo for future generations to remember this event. Then the program continued inside the newly built Agape Rehabilitation Complex for people with disabilities.

     The atmosphere was friendly and emotional as words of congratulations and wishes poured in in a continuous stream. So many people wanted to thank so many others. Hundreds of people from all over the world contributed to the construction of the Complex. Some contributed through prayer or a kind word while others contributed through large donations. Some people with disabilities, like the widow who donated her last two mites for the needs of the church, saved their pensions to make the dream of an accessible facility for people with disabilities come true.

     We cannot help but mention one terrible day which took place 15 years ago, when Serhii Bolchuk, the project manager of the Agape Rehabilitation Complex, his wife Natalia and their two-year son were involved in a terrible car accident. The outcome of the accident was paralysis for Natalia due to a spinal cord injury at the cervical level.

     It would seem that the tragedy destroyed all their future plans. However, it actually gave impetus to begin working with people with disabilities. At first this took the form of support through meetings and fellowship. Then they managed to organize a one day camp for adults with disabilities and families raising children with disabilities. Currently, two week-long camps are held each summer for adults and children with disabilities. A room for physical rehabilitation was opened in 2007 and it later grew into the Active Rehabilitation Center which operates today. 

     Opening the Agape Rehabilitation Center expands the opportunities to help people with disabilities. Now it is not only people with disabilities from Lutsk who can receive physical rehabilitation, but from all over the Volyn region. They will also be able to receive  psychological assistance and acquire skills for independent living.

     The territory of the Complex recently increased significantly. So now construction of small residential houses for people with disabilities who have lost their relatives or caregivers becomes a main goal. There is also a desire to have a swimming pool for people with disabilities for additional exercise and training.

     Along with physical rehabilitation for people with disabilities, the Complex will also house a training center for physical therapists from all over Ukraine. The main objective of this training center is to provide adequate knowledge to young men and women to empower them to improve the lives of people with disabilities in various cities, districts and regions throughout Ukraine. 

     During their addresses to Serhii Bolchuk and the team of ministry leaders, most of the guests at the opening highlighted the fact that opening the Agape Rehabilitation Complex is not the end. Rather, they concluded, that it is just the beginning of… the beginning.

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